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Selected Works

A List of My Music

Compositions: About

Click on a link to learn more. Please note this is the complete list of pieces on the site; the drop-down menu omits older pieces.


"Red Riding Hood - Piano Concerto (November 2021)

"Muse of Fire" (chamber orch.) (March 2018)

"Music for the Galactic Palace" (October 2017)

"Into the Forest" (March 2015)

"Birds of Prey" (September 2014)

"Little Snow-White" - Violin Concerto (July 2014)


Violin Sonata ("863") (February 2022)

Scene from a Crowded Dance (September 2021)

Violin TV (August 2021)

Bard Variations (March 2021)

"The Call of the Moon" (March 2021) 

Trio for Horn, Violin, and Piano (June 2020)

"A Japanese Wood Carving" for women's choir + instrumental trio (June 2018)

"The Man Who Was Thursday" for violin and viola (May 2017)

"Nightclub" for String Quartet (January 2017)

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (November 2016)

"The Heavenly Hazel Tree" (May 2016)

"Painting of Japan" in 8 Movements (July 2016)

String Quartet in C (August 2015)

Duo for Violin and Cello (October 2014)

"Les Larmes d'Lange" (June 2014)

"Midwinter's Night" (September 2013)


"Consolations" for solo piano (March 2019)

"A Night in the Show" - solo piano score for Charlie Chaplin's film [1915] (January 2019)

Minuet for Piano (September 2015)

Sonatina for Solo Piano (January 2015)

"Le coucher du Soleil" (February 2014)

Dance Suite (October 2013)

Freelance Composing

Like my style and have a piece you want me to write? Please consider contacting me to inquire about my freelance composing.

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