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In addition to composing, I have started producing my own covers on my CityFolk66 YouTube channel. Below, you can find a few of these works I have performed on, including collaborations with other YouTubers. I will be updating this playlist with more select arrangements from time-to-time, but if you'd like to see my full gamut of arrangements, please check out my YouTube channel. Enjoy!

6PM - from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ft. Caitlin Ayala & V-Ron Media)

6PM - from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ft. Caitlin Ayala & V-Ron Media)

Stream it - Apple Music - YouTube Music - Spotify - This is my cover of the 6PM music from Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. I am so thankful to have two great VGM friends to help out (and both people I talked about in a video at the start of the year!): Caitlin Ayala and V-Ron Media! They both have their own lovely channels and play music from various games, so please go check them out at the links below! Caitlin's channel - V-Ron's channel - I took the first half of this arrangement and kept it fairly straightforward to the original in the game, with the guitar playing a repeating motif and the harp taking the bass and melody. Then, in the second half, the ensemble expands to more auxiliary percussion and piano which reference the "6PM" track from Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo DS (and consequently, City Folk for the Wii). I have fond memories playing at this time in those games, and wanted to bring that out in this arrangement. To me, violins were perfect to replace the accordion from the original and gave it a more cinematic feel. Finally, the piece ends where it began, fading out into the sunset.
Super Paper Mario - A Love Story | CityFolk66 Cover

Super Paper Mario - A Love Story | CityFolk66 Cover

This is my submission for the 2022 Soundole Chill Out Competition. I hope you enjoy! Super Paper Mario is one of my favorite childhood Nintendo Wii games. It's the only Paper Mario I've played, and as a kid I loved its blend of RPG and turn-based combat I was familiar with from playing so many 2D Mario games in the past. As I grew older, I fell in love with its story, surrounding two of the main characters in a touching tale of love. PLOT SPOILERS BELOW: For this medley, I chose a few tracks that symbolize Count Bleck (Blumiere) and Tippi (Timpani) to tell the story. The opening section ("Today's Story") serves as an introduction into this world; it's the first thing you hear upon booting up the game, learning about the magic books and setting up Mario's next adventure. The second track, "Champion of Destruction", aims to introduce Count Bleck as a character, and his musical motif. This is the most fast-paced section of the medley, and the drumset and fast melody aims to offset the tranquil music surrounding it. This motif is utilized in "Memory" and "Promise", where violin pizzicato and wood-blocks simulate the ticking of a clock - time Blumiere and Timpani experienced in their past before coming to this dimension. Finally, the medley ends with "Proof of Existence", which is the last scene of our four heroes and Bleck's minions lamenting the loss of Tippi and Bleck, happy in some other world together. The medley is arranged for four violin parts, piano, and orchestra. Please enjoy! Super Paper Mario ~ A Love Story ~ Original music by Naoko Mitome and Chika Sekigawa Arranged and performed by Joshua Iyer (CityFolk66) Character sprites from Nintendo/MarioWiki. TRACKLIST: "Today's Story" "Champion of Destruction" "Memory" / "Promise" "Proof of Existence" My Twitter - My website - As always, all rights to the game, characters, and music belongs to Nintendo.
Spring (It's a Big World Outside) - Stardew Valley (Cover ft. VGM friends, links in description!)

Spring (It's a Big World Outside) - Stardew Valley (Cover ft. VGM friends, links in description!)

This is my arrangement of Spring (It's a Big World Outside) from Stardew Valley, featuring @CaitlinAyala, @CityFolk66, and @WarpWhistlesMusic! **** Get This Arrangement **** Streaming: Sheet Music: It's finally starting to warm up outside, so let's celebrate spring with a big Stardew Valley collab! This is the biggest collab I've ever put together and I'm so happy to finally share the finished video with you. Caitlin, Joshua, and Warp Whistles Music all did an amazing job with their parts, so please go check out their channels! Caitlin: Joshua: Warp Whistles Music: When I first heard this song in Stardew Valley, I immediately wanted to cover it after hearing the vibraphone/marimba 16th notes in the second half. Then there were a bunch of fun auxiliary parts and a killer bongo part... This song just screamed percussion cover at me! There are many other layers to this song with the harp/strings/woodwinds, so I knew I'd need some amazing musician friends to help me bring this cover to life. Again, huge thank you to all of them for playing in this collab with me! 0:00 big spring collab time 3:58 whoa surprise voice reveal and announcements Don't forget to check out our Deltarune Field of Hopes and Dreams collab over on Caitlin's channel! Want me to cover more Stardew Valley music? What songs would you like to see me cover next? Be sure to let me know down in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this arrangement! Thanks for watching my video! #VGM #ItsaBigWorldOutside #StardewValley #StardewValleySpring -------------------- Original Composer: Eric Barone aka ConcernedApe -- Programs/Equipment Used -- Mallet Parts: Liberty One Glockenspiel, Yamaha Vibraphone, and Deagan Marimba Performance Videos: iPhone 11 Pro Game Video: Elgato HD60 S Capture Card/Game Capture HD (Stardew Valley) Audio Recording/Mixing: GarageBand and Logic Pro Photo Editing: Adobe Photoshop Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro Thumbnail Pics: -------------------- -- Support Me on Patreon -- -- Visit My Website -- -- Sheet Music -- Visit my Signature Artist page on Musicnotes: -- Social Media and Streaming Services -- Linktree: -- Discord and More -- Join my Discord server: Request a song for me cover: Streaming/Sheet Music Links:

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