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"Consolations" - Impromptu for solo piano (2019)

​Listen to the piece

  • Instrumentation: Piano.

  • Description: This piece was written on a walk one afternoon as a meditative reflection work. It is dedicated in memory of all those who have lost their lives due to the worst tragedies – mainly the Holocaust at the outbreak of WWII and, most recently, the New Zealand mosque attacks. The title of the piece comes from a term in the Kaddish, a Jewish hymn that was my starting point for my desire to write this work. The title, Consolation, is my attempt at looking back at these vicious attacks as a person of privilege trying to share my own emotions towards them. May we all find peace in each other in a world filled with so much hate.

  • View the page on Augustana Digital Commons - this piece won first prize for the Geifman Prize in Holocaust Studies.

Consolations (2019): Text
Consolations (2019): Video
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