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Super Mario Advance: Factory Subspace (2020)

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Released 3 June 2020

All rights to the characters in this game belong to Nintendo. This fan-game is not available for download, but you can watch gameplay of it here or listen to the full soundtrack below.

Welcome to a new fan-made Mario adventure! In this game players explore a factory to try and escape it through a series of standard 2D Mario levels. Made with the Hello Mario engine on Game Maker Studio 2, the game features various power-ups from throughout Mario's history, new level themes, new music, and an open world map to explore the land.

With this score, I followed Koji Kondo's '80s/'90s Mario music design of taking a motif and trying to include it in almost all of the main levels. The score and game do have a darker element than Mario games normally exhibit, and by quoting existing Mario tunes, players are reminded aurally this is still a Mario game. This was also an experimental score in terms of audio design, trying out synthesizer patches and changing the output sound to match what I was hoping for, in addition to the orchestral tracks. Mixing music and sound effects was another large part of this project. I spent a couple weeks obsessing over it until it was complete, and I hope this shows in the final product.

Below, you can find the tracklist for the complete soundtrack, which was produced using Logic Pro X and Apple's software instruments. Click here for more a post I wrote in June 2020 for more information.


01 - World Map BGM

02 - Factory BGM

03 - Computer BGM

04 - Mothership BGM

05 - Palace BGM

06 - Mushroom House BGM (Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES, 1988) "Toad's House Theme" + The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U/Switch, 2017) "Main Theme")

07 - P-Switch BGM (Super Mario Bros. 3  "P Switch Theme")

08 - Starman BGM (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES, 1995) "Powerful Baby")

09 - Bonus BGM (Super Mario Bros. 3 "Spade Panel Theme")

10 - Palace Clear

11 - Stage Clear

12 - Hurry Up! (Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985) "Hurry Fanfare")

13 - Too Bad! (Super Mario Bros. 3 "Death Jingle")

14 - Game Over (Super Mario Bros. 3 "Game Over")

15 - Factory Escape BGM

16 - Final Stage Clear (Super Mario Bros. "Level Clear Fanfare" + The Legend of Zelda (NES, 1986) "Overworld Theme")

17 - Credits

Super Mario Advance: Factory Subspace (2020): Text
Super Mario Advance: Factory Subspace (2020): Video
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