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Little Snow-White - Violin Concerto (2014)

​Listen to the piece

  • Instrumentation: (Violin), piccolo, two flutes, oboe, English horn, Bb clarinet, Eb clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, three horns, three trumpets, two trombones, two bass trombones, timpani, percussion (sleigh bells, triangle, tambourine, snare drum, bongos, crash cymbal, chimes), harp, piano, strings.

  • Description: This piece tells the story of Snow-White, each section providing a different element of the story, with epic battles occurring in the middle and a “Wedding Song” for the end. There are several leitmotifs for the Queen and Snow White that reoccur throughout the piece, and the violin converses with the orchestra throughout as the story unfolds. The recording below is from a spring 2015 violin studio recital, with the piano reduction of the orchestral score.

  • I would like to thank Jackie Moore for helping me through the process of learning the piece, and Nancy Tabb for playing the piano part with me.

Little Snow-White (2014): Text
Little Snow-White (2014): Video
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