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Music for 3chickswithsticks

This page contains all the work I have done for my friend Kaitlyn Franzone's business, 3chickswithsticks. She sells handmade crocheted products on her online shop, and I have started producing short music cues for her YouTube tutorials and product trailers on her other social media handles. Please consider checking her out and supporting her small business at the link below - you can find her socials there as well!

Check out the 3chickswithsticks shop!

(Logo by Gabby Franzone.)

Behind the Scenes Music

This music was made to be out of the way, looping a couple of chords over a drum-set beat. This way, while Kaitlyn talks about her products or explains instructions on different crochet techniques, the viewer can focus on that.

Crochet TutorialJoshua Iyer
00:00 / 01:34
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 10.10_edited.png

Trailer Music

.This track is the opposite, aiming for a peppy electronic vibe to fit with a fun trailer showcasing lots of products. It is always a fun challenge to write music in a completely different style than I am used to.

Crochet TrailerJoshua Iyer
00:00 / 01:25
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 12.01_edited.jpg
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