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Superhero Adventure (2016)

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Released 23 July 2016

All rights to the characters in this game belong to DC Comics, LEGO, and all other affiliated companies. This fan-game is not available for download, but you can watch gameplay of it here (Part 1) or here (Part 2) or listen to a selected score playlist below.

This is the second entry in my Superhero series of games I released from 2014-2018, and the first full soundtrack I composed. In it, players take control of Superman as he and Batman team up to stop the bombs from destroying the world. It is written in a click-and-point adventure style, with several "mini-games" players go through as well. The game was made in Microsoft PowerPoint.

The soundtrack was made with a combination of Finale 2014.5 and GarageBand software instruments from Apple. It is a combination of improvisatory tracks and through-composed music. There are a couple of tracks that I did not write that will be heard in the background of the game itself (such as "Rey's Theme" from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) and a traditional Japanese track that was in Apple's files with GarageBand, but none of the originals are included in the soundtrack. It was a nice foray into exploring new genres of music, and helped me expand my knowledge of music production software.

The tracklist of my Soundtrack Selection can be found below. Click here for a post I wrote in July 2016 with more information.

TRACKLIST (selected tracks)

Title Screen

"Trouble Stirring"


"LEGO Lex" (Superman (NES, 1988) "Monster House Battle")

"Infiltration Mission"

"Mission Zero"

"Space Invaders?!"

"Battle against X"

Superhero Adventure (2016): Text
Superhero Adventure (2016): Video
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