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Collaboration Projects

Original Soundtracks: Welcome

While I'm mainly focusing on producing my own music for myself, recently I've been working with others to add music to their projects. Here, you can take a look at these projects and learn more about the original projects.

The Goblin and the Gravedigger

I have contributed a few songs for Kenny Chumbley's new musical, The Goblins and the Gravedigger. Check out a few demo tracks that will be featured in the full production.

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Music for 3chickswithsticks

This page contains all the work I have done for my friend Kaitlyn Franzone's business, 3chickswithsticks. She sells handmade crocheted products on her online shop, and I have started producing short music cues for her YouTube tutorials and product trailers on her other social media handles. 

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Freelance Composing
Original Soundtracks: What I Do

Have a project you're working on, and like my style? Please consider contacting me to inquire about my freelance composing.

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