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The Prophetic Chronicles - Suite (2020)

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Coming soon!

This is a concert suite I arranged from video game music I composed throughout 2020. Some of it is from a January #21DaysOfVGM challenge I participated in; the rest is actually repurposed music from the Super Mario Advance: Factory Subspace soundtrack I wrote over the summer. I collected all the tracks under the fake game The Prophetic Chronicles, although in the video there are game screens I made to help make the experience more akin to a Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda concert.

The suite contains several types of music one would expect in a video game: overworld and battle music; a treasure chest jingle; and a big victory fanfare at the end. I got a lot of inspiration from my previous game scores and my favorite game composers, like Koji Kondo, Manaka Kataoka, Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, and Yoko Shimamura, to name a few. I tried to mix the Japanese aspects of their work with elements of my own style to give me a sense of individuality. Even though I used some tracks from the Mario game, I think they work just as well or even better here, for what is essentially a fantasy RPG (even if it doesn't actually exist!).


01 - Key Item Jingle

02 - Leaving Nottum

03 - A Grand Quest

04 - Knighted at Rajin

05 - Last Rest

06 - The Might of the Celestial

07 - Against Novis

08 - Heroes Prosper


Joshua Iyer (violins, piano)

Logan Tsuji (trumpet)

Kellen Myers (bass, sound mixing - finale)

Logan Myers (drum set)

Super Mario Advance: Factory Subspace (2020): Text
Super Mario Advance: Factory Subspace (2020): Video
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