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Summer 2022 Update!

I finally finished my big update to my website! With having some new connections to other VGM and gaming YouTubers on Twitter, I figured now was a good time to refresh the site and share the ongoing projects I plan on adding to it to keep it nice and healthy. This post will serve as the starting point of all this; what follows is a brief summary of things to come.

Website Updates

Alongside my usual batch of new compositions to add, each with their own pages for readers to learn more about them, I have also changed my Arrangements section a little to focus on more specific arrangements I have been a part of, rather than everything I've done. If you're curious to see everything, please check out my YouTube channel, CityFolk66.

Blog Updates

I'd like to start updating this blog more regularly besides just news and updates, and dip into writing about music. This will be sorted out into different categories, which you can view at the top of the main Site Blog page. Here is the plan:

Composition Journal - This is where I'll be posting news on current or upcoming projects, so you can stay up-to-date with what I am working on. I hope to have a new post on here very soon regarding my summer projects, as I'm keeping myself quite busy!

Music Analyses - For select pieces, I will be posting my in-depth thoughts on how I wrote different sections. They say a magician should never reveal their secrets, but that is what I plan to do here.

Album Reviews - I listen to a lot of music and follow lots of wonderful musicians on Twitter and YouTube. Here, I will provide my thoughts on any and all albums I enjoy not created by myself. Please take a gander at these if you're looking for some music suggestions.

Site News - This article would fall under this category. It will contain information on general updates and news related to the site as a whole.

I hope with all this new content, this website will become a more active place to enjoy all kinds of different music. I've been experimenting quite a bit as of late, and my current projects are all taking my craft in brand-new directions. I hope you are excited to check some of it out. Thank you again for taking the time to check my stuff out, and please look forward to more to come!

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