An Animal Crossing Christmas! (2021)

Animal Crossing (2001)

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Released 3 January 2021.

Composer: Shinobu Tanaka

As always, all rights to the games, characters, and original music go to Nintendo. I do not own this piece; I am just a fan of it.


This cover contains two tracks from the original Animal Crossing by Shinobu Tanaka: the Christmas Eve (Toy Day) theme, and the New Year's Day theme. The Christmas music has been remixed in every game since the original, with New Horizons' version even including some different chords. It always provides me with a warm fuzzy feeling. The same can be said for the New Year's Day music; I've always thought the original game's soundtrack was quite uniquely Japanese compared to the more recent scores, and you can really hear that with the pentatonic scales and the chord shifts in this piece.

I actually arranged this in 2015, but it took five years before I finally put it together. I'm considering this to be my first video of the year celebrating 20 years since the original Dōbutsu no Mori released in Japan in 2001!

Big thanks to harpist Caitlin Thom for playing with me on this piece!