Animal Crossing Medley (2015)

Animal Crossing (2001)

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Released 6 March 2015

All rights to the game and music belong to Nintendo.

This was a short medley I wrote for one of my all-time favorite childhood games: Animal Crossing, or more specifically, the very first one for the Nintendo 64 (literally translated, Animal Forest). I arranged this medley myself for two violins and piano, and after recording added in the percussion based on the game’s soundtrack and my own personal ideas. The percussion came from a combination of GarageBand and samples I took from the Internet.

The Animal Crossing series has always been one of my favorite series of video games. Its relaxing, addictive, and creative atmosphere gives the games their charm. For me, the original game's soundtrack has always been my favorite, and I'd always been meaning to put together a medley of some sort for it, and, well, here we are! I picked some of my most favorite pieces, some for nostalga's sake when I used to play the game all the time from 2007-2010 (off and on), as well as some newer ones I recently discovered.

The cues I chose for the medley are as follows:

1. 6am – One of the coolest early-morning tunes. It has a distinct jazz feel to it, and I loved the piano in the actual soundtrack. I love thinking of Ravel's sunrise in Daphnis et Chloe and this track.

2. 7am – One of my favorite iterations of the main theme. This theme always makes me smile and feel like I’ve just woken up in a forest village, ready to relax with a day of fishing and take on the day.

3. 2pm – This track feels very Japanese to me, with a relaxing mid-afternoon feel to it. 

4. Cherry Blossom Festival – This is specifically the Nintendo 64 music, since we got something different and I like the original better. It has a distinct Japanese feel with the use of the pentatonic scale, and using the violin made it sound really Far East. This was when I began searching for Japanese percussion samples online to add to the music.

5. Fireworks Festival – The two violins are the two instruments used in the game, corresponding to each other counterpuntally. It’s really neat how Tanaka wove their parts together and wrote some beautiful piano chords in the in-game soundtrack, too.

6. 8pm – This was always the time of day I played the game the most, so this theme has distinct memories with me. Plus, it’s another iteration of the main theme, which I wanted to recur throughout the medley, as well.

7. Main Theme - The cover ends with one final iteration of the game's distinctive medley.